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Twenty-two students, alumni and faculty from the Anthrozoology master’s program participated in the International Society for Anthrozoology meeting in Orlando, FL from Monday, July 1 – Thursday, July 4. The conference was hosted by Beacon College alumni Brian Ogle MS ’14 and Bryan Cushing MS ’14. Nine students and alumni participated in a panel session led by Kristin Stewart, PhD, professor of anthrozoology at Canisius, that explored whether current public views regarding animals are reflected in the law.

The following students and alumni delivered podium presentations: Jessica Austin MS ’14, Jamie Feinstein MS ’19, Adriana Pisano Beaumont MS ’17 and Julia Johnson ’19.

The following individuals presented posters: Dani Brown MS ’19, Eva Cross MS ’19, Patrick Flynn ’19, Selenia Murillo MS ’15, Molly Sumridge MS ’19 and Katrina Winsor MS ’20.

Submitted by: Christy Hoffman, PhD, program director, Animal Behavior Ecology and Conservation