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Turnitin Available Within D2L Dropboxes

Turnitin software includes an originality checker that can help students avoid plagiarism. This program also has tools so professors can provide detailed feedback to students about their writing.

Faculty can easily employ Turnitin within the D2L dropboxes. Both professors and students can access Turnitin features and feedback through D2L, rather than having to login at Turnitin’s separate site. Within the D2L dropbox editor, look for the Turnitin toolset on a new tab. Those who prefer to read and grade paper copies can still instruct students to upload papers to Turnitin via D2L.

See this quick tutorial for setting up Turnitin in your D2L dropboxes.

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, Center for Online Learning & Innovation

Save Your Zoom Video Recordings

Those who use Zoom for web conferencing, meetings and courses frequently make recordings of their online sessions. Canisius’ Zoom license includes plenty of room to house these recordings online but there is a limit to the total storage for all users. Periodically, the Zoom administrators at Canisius must delete old videos within the Zoom account. In most cases, videos still stored in Zoom accounts are no longer in use or haven’t been viewed anytime recently. As per previous announcements, Zoom administrators are now deleting videos recorded before the fall 2018 semester. After Saturday, June 1, videos recorded before Tuesday, January 1 will be deleted. If you have videos stored at Zoom that you continue to use in coursework or administrative work, please download and transfer them to your Canisius Google Drive by Saturday, June 1.

For further information about Zoom video recordings and using videos hosted in Google Drive, contact the Center for Online Learning & Innovation.

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, Center for Online Learning & Innovation