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The annual Celebration of Service will be held on Friday, April 12 at 3:00 p.m. This year, based on suggestions from the Engagement Committee, the Human Resources Department is excited to announce a number of updates to this long-standing Canisius tradition.

The Celebration of Service will honor all faculty and staff who have reached 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or more years of service at the college. The event will also honor those who have retired or will be retiring from the college this year. The service will be held in Grupp Fireside Lounge, with wine and light refreshments to accompany the event. Family and friends of retirees are also welcome to join us.

All are invited to join the college in celebrating the accomplishments of its honorees and to thank them for their valuable contributions to the college!

Celebration of Service Honorees:


Jimmy M. Anderson – working foreman, housekeeper, Facilities Management

Nicki M. Calabrese, PhD- associate professor, Teacher Education

Norma J. Cicatello – housekeeper, Facilities Management

Michael T. Clark – painter, Facilities Management

Audrey Koscielniak – reference librarian, Library

Joanne M. Krawczyk – housekeeper, Facilities Management

Marie K. McMullen – assistant director, Admissions Processing

Thomas R. Stabler – director of chemistry laboratories, Chemistry and Biochemistry

40 Years of Service

Louis V. Cammarano – general worker, Facilities Management

Michael Noonan, PhD – professor, Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

Alice Steltermann- administrative associate, Chemistry and Biochemistry

35 Years of Service

Lawrence J. Deni – interim chief information officer, Information Technology Services

Robert A. Klump – director, Raichle Pre Law Center

Barbara J. Porter, PhD – associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Mark P. Zaporowski, PhD – chair and professor, Economics and Finance

30 Years of Service

Daniel M. Bluff – officer, Public Safety

Judith R. Caserta – assistant athletic director, Business Operations

Rene A. DeLaPedraja, PhD – professor, History

Jane E. Fisher, PhD – associate professor, English

Kevin R. Hardwick, PhD – associate professor, Political Science

Dietrich W. Kuhlmann, PhD – adjunct professor, Economics and Finance

Anne Marie C. Lenhardt, PhD – professor, Counseling and Human Services

Eileen A. Niland – director, Counseling Center

Sababu C. Norris – director, ALANA Student Center

Laura J. Perrott – library associate, Interlibrary Loans

Girish Shambu, PhD – associate professor, Management

Kevin M. Shelley – game worker, Athletics

Tracy A. Wass – senior programmer analyst and DBA, Information Technology Services

Anna A. Wisniewski – housekeeper, Facilities Management

John Zeis, PhD – professor, Philosophy

25 Years of Service

Andrew R. Chaplin – systems administrator, Information Technology Services

Anne Marie Dobies, EdD – interim vice president, Student Affairs

Eileen F. Dugan – director, Little Theatre; adjunct professor, English

Cheryl A. Grinnen – business analyst, Human Resources

Brian J. Hickey- working foreman, housekeeper, Facilities Management

Robert E. Lee – painter, Facilities Management

Laura A. Montaro – executive associate, Office of the President

Joseph B. O’Donnell, PhD – professor, Accounting

Susan Schwab – on-call administrative associate, Chartwells Dining Services

Lynette Thomas – cashier, Market at Old Main, Chartwells Dining Services

20 Years of Service

Christian M. Blum, PhD – adjunct professor, English

Audrey R. Browka – senior associate director, College Communications

Dennis E. Burd – laboratory manager, Physics

Daniel J. Drew – director, Media Center

JoAnn Feary – office manager, Controller’s Office

Anthony T. Gasak – building repairer, Facilities Management

Laura A. Hammer – adjunct professor, Biology

Elizabeth A. Hogan, PhD – chair and associate professor, Biology

Nathan A. Johnson – instructional media technician, Media Center

Catherine F. LaBerta – visiting assistant professor, Marking and Information Systems

Laura A. McEwen – assistant dean, Wehle School of Business

Linda L. Murray – student teacher and field experience coordinator, Partnerships and Field Experience

Mary C. O’Sullivan, PhD – professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Elizabeth M. Tomasulo – research analyst, Advancement Initiatives

Mark J. Walter – coordinating supervisor, Partnerships and Field Experience

Anthony R. Weston, PhD – professor, Mathematics and Statistics

15 Years of Service

Eileen Abbatoy – associate director, Griff Center

Bruce B. Andriatch – adjunct professor, Communication Studies

Michael E. Boyd – associate director, Facilities Management

Holly D’Angelis, PhD – chair and associate professor, Counseling and Human Services

Gregory L. Feary – adjunct professor, Religious Studies and Theology

Monroe Mitchell – catering steward, Chartwells

James M. O’Neil – associate professor, Communication Studies

Jane E. Pope – administrative associate, Kinesiology

Cynthia Thomas – housekeeper, Facilities Management

Michael D. Walden – housekeeper, Facilities Management

Barbara A. Zimmermann – administrative associate, Athletics

10 Years of Service

Tracy L. Callaghan – assistant director, Griff Center

James P. Connolly – adjunct professor, Marking and Information Systems

Tyree Douglas – dining hall supervisor, Chartwells Dining Services

James C. Goldstein, PhD – associate professor, Accounting

Andrea J. Leszak – officer, Public Safety

Nicolas G. Lorgnier, PhD – chair and associate professor, Kinesiology

Steven M. Maddox, PhD – associate professor, History

Susan W. Margulis, PhD – chair and professor, Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

Jamel C. Perkins – adjunct professor, Management

Philip Reed, PhD – associate professor, Philosophy

Lydia Taylor – supervisor, Market at Old Main, Chartwells Dining Services

Jennifer M. Witkowski – adjunct professor, Digital Media Arts

5 Years of Service

Timothy M. Bennett – assistant coach, Swimming and Diving

D’Andre Browningsupervisor, Market at Old Main, Chartwells Dining Services

Maya E. Carless, PhD – adjunct professor, Anthrozoology

Teresa M. Castiglione – counselor, C.O.P.E.

Harrison J. Chapman – officer, Public Safety

Todd Clark – head coach, Women’s Soccer

William M. Collins – vice president, Institutional Advancement

Danielle M. Cook – adjunct professor, Counseling and Human Services

Jillian M. Dombrowski – adjunct professor, Sociology, Criminal Justice and Environmental Studies

Tiffany L. Fanning – adjunct professor, Graduate Education and Leadership

Mark L. Gaiser – housekeeper, Facilities Management

Summer L. Handzlik – director, Canisius Fund

Allyson K. Jordan – research clinician supervisor, Institute of Autism Research

Richard W. Kennedy – assistant director, Student Life

Lauren M. Kicak – associate director, Graduate Admissions

Vicki A. Landes – adjunct professor, Professional Studies

Trevor N. Large – head coach, Men’s Hockey

Jonathan E. Lopez, PhD – assistant professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Jerald Morrison – catering director, Chartwells Dining Services

Scott M. Moser – assistant coach, Men’s Hockey

Deacon T. Newhouse – adjunct professor, Philosophy

Stephen J. Pochatko – assistant coach, Swimming and Diving

Eric M. Redpath – adjunct professor, Accounting

Heather M. Roberts-Mahoney – adjunct professor, Graduate Education and Leadership

Joshua J. Russell, PhD – assistant professor, Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation

Bryan M. Sibbitts – director, Pep Band

Paul R. Spiotta – game worker, Athletics

Christine G. Tinnesz, PhD – adjunct professor, Communication Studies

Matthew Z. Wojick – associate vice president, Marketing and Brand Engagement

Michael J. Ziemer – assistant athletic trainer, Athletics

Submitted by: Mary Braun, assistant, Human Resources