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During the next few weeks, the Office of Marketing and Brand Engagement will share highlights from its 2018-19 undergraduate and graduate marketing campaigns, which launched last August. Included are brief descriptions of ads running throughout the campaign and how they support our overall marketing strategy.

Undergraduate Facebook Campaign

Undergraduate marketing primarily targets 16 to 18-year-old high school students, a group commonly referred to as “Gen Z” (people born after 1995). Practically born with smartphones in their hands, Gen Z are digital natives who have grown up in an online world. Therefore, a strategic focus of our marketing plans involves engaging prospective students where they live most often – on their phones. Because social media consumes a large portion of their screen time, we invest heavily in paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to reach this audience. Attached are examples of static and video ads currently running in Western New York and in growth markets throughout New York State, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois. The primary objective is to introduce Canisius and convert students into interested prospects. Referenced in the ad are key distinctions like immersive learning experiences, professional opportunities and Ignatian perspectives. Our digital campaigns link to a landing page that builds on these themes and where students can request information or schedule a visit.

Submitted by: Matthew Wojick, associate vice president, Marketing and Brand Engagement