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Colleagues and fellow alumni:

Good morning. Some of you know me already – and some even taught me many years ago!  I’m the new director of alumni engagement.  I’m very new; I just started a couple of weeks ago.  I look forward to meeting you or re-meeting you, and running into you in the hallways and tunnels.

I’m writing specifically to this particular group – faculty and staff who are also fellow Griffs – because Canisius needs your help. Wednesday and Thursday of this week, February 5-7, from 5 – 8:00 p.m. in Lyons Hall, Room 118, the Office of Admissions is hosting an accepted students letter writing campaign.  Every single accepted student will receive a hand-written personal letter from a Canisius alumnus or alumna.  I’m looking for alumni volunteers to help write these letters.

A few things…

  • The notes will be short – just a few meaningful and impactful sentences.
  • We will have example notes for you to use as a reference.
  • There will be pizza!

It’s not necessary for me to tell you how important enrollment is for the future of alma mater. Think of the impact that you can make by taking a bit of time out of your life to share your love of Canisius to prospective students.

Justin Rogers and I are trying to get a sense of how many volunteers we can expect (and how much pizza to purchase!). If you are able to help out, please respond and let me know which date you can help. Even just 10 notes will make a difference.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


Erin (Lawless) Zack ’00, MS ’04