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Amazon’s free two-day shipping benefit for Business Prime eligible items will expire on Monday, January 14. After that date, the Business Prime members will receive free standard shipping in 5-7 days on eligible orders over $25.

Business Prime members are asked to help minimize shipping costs. Here’s how:

  • Look for the Prime logo as you shop
  • Add Prime eligible items to your cart
  • Get free shipping in 5-7 days on your purchase


Are there any other benefits besides free 5-7-day shipping?

Besides free shipping on millions of eligible items, Business Prime provides all employees on the Canisius College business account access to Prime Early Access and Prime Day deals.

What items are eligible for Business Prime Shipping?

Millions of products eligible for Business Prime Shipping are marked with the Prime logo. You’ll be charged applicable shipping fees for any items not eligible for Business Prime Shipping.

Can I order office supplies from Amazon?

No. Order office supplies from the designated dealer, Eaton Office Supply Co. Eaton’s offers competitive pricing and free next day delivery to your desktop.

Can I use Business Prime Shipping benefits on my personal account too?

No. Business Prime Shipping benefits can only be used on your business account.

Should I open an Amazon Prime Account? 

No.  There is only one Amazon Business Prime account for the entire college.

How do I sign up for the Canisius College Amazon Business Prime Account?

Contact Gary Lew, director of Purchasing at Ext. 2255 or

Submitted by: Gary Lew, director, Purchasing