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UPS will replace FedEx for Express Package Delivery Service. This change is the result of a competitive solicitation by the Educational and Institutional Cooperative. The competitively awarded contract includes discounted rates for domestic and international shipments.

Pitney Bowes SendPro Enterprise is a new desktop shipping application. Filling out a paper shipping document is no longer required. Instead, users enter shipping information in the application, select the type of delivery service needed (i.e. next day by 3:00 p.m.), print a ship request form and attach it to the item. The mailroom staff scans the ship request form to create a shipping label and capture budget information. A user’s profile, budget information and frequently used shipping addresses are saved in the application, avoiding the need to enter this information again.

For more information about UPS or Pitney Bowes SendPro Enterprise, contact Gary Lew, director of purchasing, at Ext. 2255 or by Email at To request UPS Express envelopes and shipping boxes, call the mailroom at Ext. 2245.

Submitted by: Gary Lew, director, Purchasing