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Mark Gallimore is the director of the Center for Online Learning and Innovation. He is quick and eager to help faculty, staff and students with their technology needs but more importantly looks to help them grow both academically and professionally. He is happy to answer questions and looks to create resources to help make the lives of his colleagues easier and more efficient.

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What motivated you to make your first gift to the Canisius Fund?

“My students. This includes those in my classes but also the many students I interact with in other contexts. It also helped that the Canisius Fund made it very easy to do.”

Why is giving back important to you?

“For those who work and study here, Canisius is an Ignatian project: we continually help each other become our better selves. That seems like a good investment to me.”

Why do you feel it is important for faculty and staff to give back and support current students?

“I am continually impressed with my colleagues’ commitment to our students.  In a variety of ways, some visible and many others less visible, staff and professors support Canisius students’ academic, personal and professional growth. I think many students become aware of this at some point in their time here, and it shapes their own ethics in ways beneficial for our communities locally and globally.”

How would you describe what Canisius means to you using only three words?

“Our better selves.”

Just for Fun: If you could have dinner with any famous person who would it be and why?

“Perhaps my wife isn’t famous but somehow we never seem to have dinner together often enough.”

You can join Mark and your fellow colleagues by participating in the 2018-19 Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign. Supporting the Canisius Fund means investing directly in our students’ futures. You’ll ensure that the tuition assistance, academic and program support and student services are available to each and every student. The gift you make today will provide unrestricted possibilities and limitless opportunities.

You can make your gift today by using the Faculty/Staff Gift form by visiting:

Submitted by: Matt Gorczyca, assistant director, Canisius Fund