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Timothy Wadkins, PhD, professor of religious studies and theology, was awarded the Borsch-Rast Book Prize and Lecturship. His prize-winning book, The Rise of Pentecostalism in Modern El Salvador: From the Blood of the Martyrs to the Baptism of the Spirit, traces the Protestant-Evangelical renaissance and its deep interactive connection to modernization in El Salvador, “the smallest, most violent and most densely populated country in Latin America.” Pentecostal movements in this traditionally and still predominantly Roman Catholic country are diverse, involving different social classes, the wealthy as well as the poor, women leaders as well as men, the educated and the uneducated.

The award honors those who exemplify quality scholarship that has applications for a general audience, offer a new perspective on biblical or other sacred texts, historical, cultural, ethical, theological or religious issues, and exemplify creativity and an innovative approach.

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