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Over the next several months, D2L is phasing out the Binder mobile app. On Thursday, November 1, D2L will no longer keep a copy of a user’s Binder content and annotations in the cloud. This data will only remain on the device where the app is installed and the web-based Binder client will no longer be available. Binder will only be able to annotate PDF documents stored on your mobile device. The “Send to Binder” button in the Content tool within D2L courses will be removed.

If you anticipate accessing your content and annotations on the Binder app after Thursday, November 1st:

  • Be sure to update the Binder app with the latest release prior to Thursday, November 1 to avoid any disruption.
  • If you use the Binder website, be sure to log into the Binder app for iOS or Android prior to Thursday, November 1 to sync all changes locally to your device.
  • Uninstalling Binder will remove the content from your device. However, Binder offers users the ability to export content using the “share” functionality in the app.

D2L anticipates ending all support for Binder in May 2019. If you use Binder to work with PDFs on mobile devices, install another PDF-capable app by that time.

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, Center for Online Learning & Innovation