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Canisius College’s new writing center is now open and ready to assist students with their writing. The center is located in Old Main 308 and is staffed by undergraduate peer tutors who are currently enrolled in a tutor training course. Tutors are prepared to help with writing at any stage of the writing process (brainstorming, drafting, proofreading, etc.) in any discipline, whether a hard science, a social science or the humanities. Hours will vary from week-to-week but students can find the schedule by logging in here.

The writing center is also available to provide workshops for classes on a wide variety of topics. The center will tailor each workshop to the needs of the class. Common workshop topics include thesis development, academic style conventions, using secondary sources, citation styles and grammar pitfalls.

Finally, the writing center tutors have crafted the following mission statement in their training course, hoping to give the Canisius community a good sense of its aims as the writing center continues to develop:

“The Canisius College Writing Center exists to help writers in all disciplines become better writers. To this end, we engage with writers in thoughtful dialogue. We trust that all writers have important contributions to share with their discourse communities. We approach writers with humility because we value their ideas and the linguistic diversity of our campus. We have faith in both the writers we work with and the evolving tutoring process. We have hope that writers are willing to engage in the writing process, and we will treat all writers as if they are entirely invested in their work. And most of all, we will love writers where they are as colleagues, peers, and fellow human beings whose ideas and voices deserve to be heard and understood.”

For more information, if you have any questions or to schedule a workshop, contact Graham Stowe at

Submitted by: Graham Stowe, assistant professor, English Department; director, Writing Center