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In the Footsteps of the Jesuits

Canisius alumni are invited to visit the once-forbidden land of Cuba this winter, as the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) resumes its “Road Less Traveled” pilgrimage program.

The trip to Havana, scheduled for January 1-13, 2019 will explore the history of the Cuban Revolution and how Fidel Castro’s Jesuit education impacted his thinking and the social justice movements of the revolution. Participants will also be immersed in the hybrid culture of Cuba that is reflected in its cuisine, music, religious practices, art and architecture.

The cost for the trip is $3,200* and includes airfare, room and board through homestays, guide service and translation. (*Cost may vary if participants opt for special room requests or different air travel accommodations.)

To learn more, contact IGE Director Timothy H. Wadkins, PhD, at or visit

Submitted by: Tim Wadkins, director, Institute for Global Engagement (IGE)

Catch “Crossroads” on Sunday, October 7

Tune into “Crossroads” this Sunday, October 7 when program host Rev. Patrick J. Lynch, SJ, interviews Meghan Dandrea, a religious studies teacher and director of international mission programs at the Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Dandrea will provide an overview of the 9-12 school, which was founded by the Sisters of St. Francis. She will also discuss the school’s signature programs, which include STEM honors and leadership studies, the extra-curricular activities offered and its international mission programs to such places as the Dominican Republic and Zambia.

“Crossroads” is a monthly radio program produced by the Network of Religious Communities and hosted by Father Lynch, professor of religious studies and theology. It airs on the first Sunday of each month at 6:00 a.m. on MIX-96 (96.1 FM) and at 6:30 a.m. on JACK-FM (92.9).

If you miss this Sunday’s broadcast, you can catch it starting Tuesday, October 9 on the Canisius SoundCloud.

Submitted by: College Communications

Lifelong Learner Courses Continue


The second fall course in the Institute for Classical and Medieval Studies (ICMS) Lifelong Learner’s curriculum begins Thursday, October 11. “Crown, Sword and Charter: Making the Monarchy” will explore the medieval foundations of kingship and consider the survival of royal traditions and institutions into modern times. Taught by Julie Gibert, PhD, of the History Department, topics will include Alfred the Great, the consequences of the Norman Conquest, the meaning of the Magna Carta and the reinvention of monarchy under the Tudors. Click on the link for times and more details.

Enrollment is open to anyone in the Buffalo community interested in learning. The courses do not require papers or tests, rather they will be filled with good discussion. Courses are not part of any Canisius College degree program. All classes meet on the Canisius campus in Science Hall 1017. Parking is available. Each six-session course costs $60.

For questions, contact Kathryn Williams, PhD, chair, Classics Department, at or (716) 888-2713.

Submitted by: Kristina Laun, staff, ICMS

Passwords, Passwords Everywhere!



October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In recognition of this, ITS would like to encourage everyone to think about a plan for managing their online identities. Every day we log into websites that save our personal information, financial records and shopping orders. One thing all these sites have in common is that they require us to create a username and password to access our accounts. Each one is different and sometimes difficult to remember. Using a common username and password is the easiest to remember but is actually the least secure. If one account credential is compromised, they are, in effect, all compromised with this practice. Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer or easy solution to this dilemma. Using common sense with your data is the best advice we can give you. Use strong passwords on sites that contain extremely critical types of data such as banking and consider using pass phrases that are easier to remember. Don’t sign up or enter sensitive data unless it is necessary.

When it comes to your Canisius account, we request that you do not use the same password on other sites where you use your Canisius email address as the account name. For example, Facebook uses an email address as the user name. If you use your Canisius email address, be sure to use a different password to log into your Facebook account. We highly recommend keeping your social media and online shopping accounts separate from your work-related accounts. It seems that these types of accounts are the most likely targets for hackers.

We have created a wiki page on creating passwords that users should review next time they need to change their password. Click the link below to visit this page.

Submitted by: Scott Clark, director, User Services/ITS


Next Week in the Griff Center


Copy of This Week in the GC 11-11.jpg

The Griff Center for Academic Engagement is ‘open for business’ and ready to help you get a head start on your coursework, class schedule and career options. View the schedule above for information about what’s happening this week in the Griff Center.

For more detailed information, checkout Handshake, the college’s platform for internship opportunities, full and part-time job openings or to sign up for on-campus interviews and register for information sessions, career fairs and more!

Submitted by: Dominique Gagnier, Griff Center