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Pictured from left to right: Joe McMahon, Troy Hillman, Laura Hillman, Danielle McMahon

The 3rd annual MAX Charity Challenge held on August 12, 2018 at Diamond Hawk Golf Course in Buffalo raised just more than $23,000, beating last year’s challenge by $5,000.

All donations raised go directly towards the Institute for Autism Research (IAR) to help reduce the cost of the program for families of high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder (HFASD), and to help fund research on the feasibility and efficacy of new programs developed by the IAR.

All funds are critical in ensuring that the IAR is able to continue a central commitment to its work, with a goal that funds will never be a reason that the IAR cannot serve a child and his or her family.

The IAR 2018 summerMAX program consisted of 44 children with HFASD, with a majority of families receiving scholarships. The program also offers Canisius students the opportunity to hold paid clinical internships as well as research positions.

Special thanks to Laura and Troy Hillman, whose son previously took part in the IAR program.  The couple founded the MAX Charity Challenge three years ago, which has since raised close to $60,000 in total. The IAR would also like to thank this year’s generous donors.

Submitted by: Marcus Thomeer, PhD, co-director, Institute for Autism Research