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Canisius recently established an Institute for Classical and Medieval Studies (ICMS) to provide interdisciplinary learning and research opportunities for students, faculty and residents of the greater Buffalo community in an effort to enrich lives through intellectual engagement. As a collaborative effort of faculty from the Departments of Classics, English, Fine Arts, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies and Theology, ICMS embraces Canisius’ Jesuit tradition by bridging disciplines in its quest for greater understanding of the past and the present.

“So much of what is happening in the world today, good and bad, is rooted in the past,” said Kathryn Williams, PhD, chair of Classics and a co-founder and co-director of ICMS. “Greater awareness of ancient and medieval societies provides critical perspectives on current events and can help us as we strive to create a better tomorrow.”

ICMS launched in March with a public lecture on “Peter Canisius, the Humanities and Jesuit Education.” Additional events included a unique interpretation of Beowulf with a Celtic harp performance and a course on “The Great Persian War.”

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