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Faculty Meetup

Online and hybrid teaching

For more than a decade, Canisius College faculty have taught high quality online and hybrid courses.  In the process, our professors have pioneered methods in this relatively new medium for teaching and learning.

This summer, the Center for Online Learning and Innovation invites online and hybrid instructors to a meetup on Wednesday, June 27 from 6:00 ‒ 7:30 p.m. in the Library Learning Center Classroom.

During the meetup, we can share our experiences in, reflections on, and ambitions for teaching online. Rather than having a formal presentation, faculty should come as colleagues to share their insights and concerns.  In your online courses, what worked for you?  What didn’t?  How do you measure your success?  What would you like to do teaching online that you’re not doing now, either because you’re still planning or building it, or because you face an obstacle of some sort?

We also invite any faculty interested in teaching online or hybrid classes, but who have not yet done so.  Please bring your questions for our seasoned veteran online faculty, and gain valuable insights from those who have built excellent online courses.

COLI supplies refreshments!

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, director, Center for Online Learning & Innovation