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Students and teachers from PS #17 joined members of the Canisius community at the East West Community Garden.

The Canisius East West Community Garden group recently gathered to finish construction of the garden boxes and cut the lawn with a manual mower (no gas mover was used!). Children and their teachers from PS #17 participated and had a wonderful time digging in the soil, finding worms and insects and experiencing the wonders of the outdoors.  Neighbors, as well as representatives from the Oxford Block Club and the Congolese community lent a hand to dig holes for the bed frames.

The community garden at 1032 Lafayette Avenue is a cooperative garden on Canisius’ campus in partnership with the Oxford Square Block Club, PS #17, PS #74, the Congolese Refugee Communities and others. This garden is at the center of the college’s sustainability initiative. It is a place where Canisius community members, students and neighbors can meet, play, work on their raised beds, grow food, eat food and get to know one another. We have a lot to learn from each other!

Read more about the garden here.

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Submitted by: College Communications