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Physical and health education/teacher education (PHETE) majors assisted in the production of St. Mary’s School for the Deaf Physical Education Show on Thursday, March 29.  This annual event for constituents and the local community marks its 45th consecutive year.  Teacher candidates were involved in all facets of the presentation including video editing, physical spotting of special needs children, and the opening act.  PHETE majors included Anthony Diflavio ᾿18, Rachael Bielmeier ᾿19, Tyler Perna ᾿19, Anthony Forcucci ᾿19, Kenny Johnston ᾿19, Anna Purdy ᾿19, Abigail Guzzino᾿19, Cameron Race ᾿19, Mike Torrillo Jr. MS ᾿19, Allie Cornacchia ᾿19 and Frank Briandi MS ᾿19. A special thanks to St. Mary’s physical educators Jim Carmody, BS ᾿97, MS ᾿02, and Bryan Booke for coordinating this opportunity.  The experience provided PHETE majors with an up-close and personal chance to work with diverse children and also sent a strong message about the importance of quality physical education in the well-rounded growth of each child.

Submitted by: Clancy M. Seymour, EdD, assistant professor/director of Physical and Health Education Teacher Education