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Canisius Earning Excellence Program (CEEP)  student applications for 2018-19 awards are due today, Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Applications will be not accepted after this date.

The CEEP program funds unique learning experiences for undergraduate students working in close cooperation with a Canisius College faculty member or administrator.

Students with an appropriate research project with any office on campus can apply.  A 3.33 or higher GPA is required and undergraduate students in all majors may apply to work in academic departments and administrative offices. The rate of pay for CEEP is $11.25 per hour, minus taxes, for a maximum of 150 hours.

Faculty are asked to advise current CEEP students to fill out the online application form for the 2018-2019 academic year. Renewal of CEEP awards is not automatic.

Please direct any questions to Kathy Peter in the Office of Academic Affairs at Ext. 2121 or

Submitted by: Kathy Peter, executive associate, associate vice president for Academic Affairs