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The Physical and Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE) program hosted Jason Acosta, a teacher recruitment manager from the New York City Department of Education, on Tuesday, February 6.  Teacher candidates listened to an exciting hiring plan for New York City’s 1,800 urban schools.  The initiative by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio promises 500 licensed physical educators by 2019 and acknowledges the value of quality physical and health education in the well-rounded growth of each child.  Faculty and students from PHETE pedagogical courses taught by Courtney Kelly MS ’01, adjunct professor of kinesiology; Greg Reeds, EdD, associate professor of kinesiology; Lauren Cavanaugh, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology and Clancy Seymour ’97, MS ’99, EdD, assistant professor and director of physical and health education/teacher education, attended. The session concluded with a question and answer session.  The event was well received and included promising opportunities ahead for graduates in the physical and health education teaching profession.

Submitted by: Clancy Seymour, ’97, MS ’99, EdD, assistant professor, director of physical and health education/teacher education