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Jeffrey R. Lindauer, PhD, dean of the School of Education and Human Services, is among 19 members of AJCU’s Conference of Education Deans who signed a statement in support of DACA students.  The letter, published in the National Catholic Reporter, reads, in part, that “Deporting these young people just as they are poised to make strong contributions to this country – after investing so many resources to educate them in our public schools – is poor public policy and not in the public interest.”

Click here to read the statement in its entirety.

Meridian Magazine, a publication of the Latter-Day Saints, refers to research conducted by James P. Donnelly, PhD, on end-of-life dreams and visions had by people in the final weeks of their lives.

Donnelly is a professor of counseling and human services at Canisius.  His research revealed that most patients, receiving end-of-life hospice care, reported at least one vision per day that involved previously deceased friends and relatives, and that the impact of these pre-death experiences was profoundly meaningful for patients.

To learn more, read the Meridian Magazine article, entitled “Are the Dying Visited by the Dead.”

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