In response to feedback received through the Employee Engagement team, we are pleased to offer Online Banner Training. These courses are designed for beginners, new hires and anyone who needs a refresher.

Banner Navigation (Banner GE 8.0) introduces you to Banner and teaches you how to navigate in and personalize Banner. To get started:

  • Login to the Canisius Portal
  • There is a link for all staff members called ‘Ellucian Hub.’ The icon is on the right hand side of your home page, under the My Campus heading.
  • This link will take you directly to the Ellucian login screen where you can register for a HUB account.
  • It may take up to five business days to process your request. Once your registration is verified, an email containing an activation link will be sent to you from Please make sure that this email will not be blocked or sent to your spam (Junk Email) folder.
  • Your registration will not be completed until you click on the activation link and follow the instructions to complete the registration process. The activation link will expire in seven days after it’s sent.
  • Once your account is activated you will be able to log into the HUB (Ellucian Hub) and you will gain access to various Banner resources.

For Training Videos:

  • Click on the button entitled “Education Svsc New”
  • Click on “Learning Paths,” then select Banner from the dropdown.
  • Canisius is currently on Banner version 8, so scroll down and select a course appropriate to the banner module you will be working in. For example, “Banner Financial Aid (8.x) Learning Path.” Canisius will be moving to Banner 9 in 2018.
  • Most Learning Paths only contain access to Banner Navigation courses. This is due to our current maintenance level with Ellucian. The “Navigating Banner 8” course will be available in all module specific Learning Paths.

The Ellucian Support Center is where you can find Banner documentation and open cases when Banner is not working as expected.

eCommunities is the social networking application where you can ask others how they are using Banner and to learn about newly released enhancements or mandatory updates.  There are plenty of ‘how-to’ videos in each of these Ellucian Resources to get you connected with other banner users and to keep informed about your particular Banner Module.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at Ext. 8340.

Submitted by: Linda Walleshauser, associate vice president, Human Resources