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Canisius welcomed five new staff members during the month of November.

Lynn Incardona is a payroll associate. Previously, she was as a finance account manager at Fantasy Island.

Bryan Mayer is an overnight public safety officer.  He also currently works as the supervisor of safety and security at Our Lady of Victory Homes of Charity.

Julie Almendinger is a customer service specialist in the Student Records and Financial Services Center. She came to Canisius from Niagara University, where she worked as a student service generalist.

Kaitlyn Buehlmann ’14 is an associate campus minister. She also currently works as the program foundation coordinator at Amate House in Chicago. Kaitlyn is working as associate campus minister remotely from Chicago until June 1 when she will join the staff full-time.

Patrick Hoar is a public safety dispatcher. Before joining Canisius, Patrick was a dispatcher for the Grand Island Fire Company.

Submitted by: Linda Walleshauser, associate vice president, Human Resources and Compliance