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President John J. Hurley, and his wife, Maureen, invite you to explore faith and social justice on a global scale with a trip to El Salvador and Guatemala from June 3-13, 2018.

Entitled Faith, Tradition and Modernization in Central America, the trip includes visits to Mayan ruins and an examination of Catholic and Mayan spirituality in the ancient villages along Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

“The experience enables alumni and life-long learners to fulfill their interests in other cultures, forge deep bonds with other globally conscious adults and in-country experts, and have enriching, international educational experiences that connect them to people and places not available on a typical tour,” says Timothy Wadkins, PhD, director of the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE), who will lead the trip. “Most importantly, these trips illuminate and challenge the traveler’s own spiritual journey.”

The group will also travel to Guatemalan and Salvadoran civil war memorial sites where Catholic bishops, priests and peasants were martyred. They will visit Catholic cathedrals, Pentecostal mega-churches and congregations engaged in social service.

Participants will hear presentations from topical experts and enjoy a concert by a renowned Salvadoran folk singer. The seminar also includes opportunities for hiking, shopping, golf and a coffee plantation tour.

For more information, contact Timothy Wadkins, IGE director, at or (716) 2824 or click here.

Submitted by: College Communications