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Just a reminder that all nominations for this month’s Employee of Distinction are due by Wednesday, November 15. This program provides an excellent opportunity to show appreciation and support for your coworkers and to recognize them for a job well done. The Employee of Distinction nomination form is located here.

To nominate a coworker, explain why you think your candidate is worthy of the award. A list of factors to consider when submitting a nomination are the nominee’s history of accomplishments, level of determination, and motivation and interpersonal skills. Upon supervisor approval, all nominations will be reviewed by the college’s Employee Engagement Team, which will use the information provided in the application to make a fair and objective selection. Each month, the Employee of Distinction will be featured in The Dome. He or she will also receive a non-monetary incentive and will be presented with the award by the president and his/her supervisor.

Please contact the Human Resources Department at Ext. 2240 with any questions.

Submitted by: Mary Braun, human resources assistant, Human Resources