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20170315_074934“My favorite part about working at Canisius is the people. I particularly like working with the work study students! It is rewarding to watch them grow and become such amazing people. Being a part of their education as they work so hard and learn so much about our process and customer service is very rewarding!”

Deborah L. Bennett
Admissions Processing Associate

Debbie has been a diligent and dedicated member of the admissions processing team for 15 years.  Her friendly and caring personality shines through in everything she does, whether she is processing applications, speaking with prospective students and families as they move through the admissions process, or guiding our team of work study students.

Debbie is always willing to do whatever is necessary and handles an amazing amount of work on a modified schedule. Her Banner and international application processing knowledge continues to be invaluable to the admissions team. Debbie always has a funny story to tell and helps to keep the spirits up in the fast-paced admissions processing area. Debbie’s dedication and commitment to excellence is extremely valued.

Did you know…Debbie hosts international students through Airbnb. She became interested when her daughter hosted a French student for a month during high school. The students come back every few years to visit and continue to have a friendship with the family. “I learn so much from them and have enjoyed getting to know them,” says Debbie. She’s been invited to visit countries such as Singapore, Australia and India. Debbie is also a grandmother to two precious boys Cole, age 6 and Lincoln, age one.

Submitted by: College Communications