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On April 1, students in the Topics in Art History – Animals in Art class participated in an enthusiastically delivered and fascinating docent-led tour of “Menagerie: Animals on View.” This exhibit contains artwork from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s permanent collection. It includes video installation, paintings, sculpture and works on paper from a diverse number of artists such as Kelly Richardson, Albrecht Dürer, Bruce Nauman, Susan Rothenberg, Joan Miro and Frida Kahlo.

As part of their coursework, students discussed Kiki Smith’s “Born” (pictured here) and studied a variety of other works with animals as their primary focus. This inspired a beautifully organized exhibit, which was curated by Holly E. Hughes, Godin-Spaulding Curator & Curator for the Collection at Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

On Wednesday, April 19, Hughes will lecture on her distinguished role as a curator at the Albright-Knox as part of the art history lectures offered in conjunction with ArtsCanisius. For more information about her lecture, please visit

“Menagerie: Animals on View” is on display until June 4, 2017.

Submitted by: Yvonne K. Widenor, visiting assistant professor and director, Art History