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Students from the Canisius College Entrepreneurship program, Canisius Innovation Lab (CIL) and the Canisius Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) organized the “2017 Canisius Think Tank: Business Idea Pitch Network” held on March 30 in the Grupp Fireside Lounge.  Students from various majors from both business and non-business schools pitched their business ideas, expanded network opportunities and received valuable feedback.

Ji-Hee Kim, PhD, director of entrepreneurship, continues to use the Coleman Foundation Grant to support 15 faculty members from outside the Wehle School of Business to infuse entrepreneurship concepts and lead projects in support of cross-campus entrepreneurship education.

Students in the Canisius Innovation Lab strive to inspire entrepreneurial growth through hands on experiences, valuable opportunities, innovation and student startups. The Canisius Entrepreneurs Organization is a student club that seeks to inform, support and inspire students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunities through the life long journey of creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial leadership and enterprise creation.

Submitted by: Ji-Hee Kim, PhD, associate professor, director, entrepreneurship