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On Wednesday, April 26, Canisius will hold its second annual Giving Day. We know that Canisius is an extraordinary place with extraordinary people, and on April 26 we have the opportunity to show the rest of the world just how truly special we are, AGAIN!

We’re aiming to double last year’s Giving Day donor total with 2,001 participants – in honor of year two and the college’s address on Main Street.

When we meet this goal, members of the Class of 1967 will contribute $100,000 for student scholarships, academic and athletic excellence and programs that animate our Jesuit educational mission!

You have the opportunity to support what you love most about Canisius on Giving Day and in doing so you will:

Inspire others to follow your lead (sign on as a Giving Day Ambassador to encourage alumni, former students, friends and colleagues to give on Giving Day).

Help the college surpass its 2,001 donor goal to unlock the Giving Day Challenge Grant (and help populate various Giving Day leaderboards).

In addition, your Giving Day gift will count towards this year’s Faculty & Staff Giving Campaign. And we will gratefully display your name alongside your colleagues on the Faculty & Staff Donor Recognition Wall, located outside of the library.

Thank you for all that you do to inspire our students!  Together, WE CAN provide them with the best possible experiences.

Thank you in advance for participating in Giving Day. Stay tuned for more information…

Submitted by: Canisius Fund