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Students in the Department of Kinesiology hosted fourth grade students from Stanley Makowski (BPS #99) and The Falk School Tuesday, March 7 at the Koessler Athletic Center. Students from Dr. Karl Kozlowski’s exercise principles course (HED 337) and Dr. Clancy Seymour’s assessment in physical education course (PED 441/541) assessed students’ fitness levels using the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) America’s FitnessGram Assessment.  This includes the PACER, push-up, sit-and-reach and curl-up batteries. Watch a video from the day here. Make sure you’re logged into your Canisius Gmail account.

Both schools underwent testing during the fall semester and returned for follow-up. The experience provides kinesiology majors the opportunity to analyze pre-and post-test data and conduct fitness assessments in an authentic environment.

Submitted by: Clancy Seymour, EdD, assistant professor/director, physical & health education