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Canisius Fire Inspection

The New York State fire inspector will be on campus beginning Tuesday, March 21 – Wednesday April 12. The fire inspector will check the common areas, stairways, offices, utility rooms and storage rooms. Some of the safety issues inspectors look for include:

Improper storage in electrical and sprinkler rooms, such as combustibles piled under, around or in front of electrical panels or sprinkler systems;

Items permanently placed in corridors and hallways, such as equipment, cabinets, desks or chairs;

Storage placed too close to sprinkler heads. The fire code requires an 18” distance from the sprinkler head to the closest item;

Fire doors being propped or wedged open. Fire doors are fundamental to the integrity of fire barriers throughout the building. Fire doors may be held open with automatic releases that close the door when the fire alarm sounds;

Improper storage of flammable fluids and liquids. Flammable fluid storage is limited to quantity, classification and flammability rating;

Electrical extension cords being used as permanent wiring.  Electrical extension cords are strictly prohibited from use inside Canisius buildings as permanent wiring. Do not run cords under rugs or piles of clothing. Overloading a wall receptacle may cause a fire;

Non-compliant upholstered furniture. Canisius is required to comply with furniture fire code standards. Furniture that does not comply must be removed; and

Non-approved space heaters. Space heaters supplied by the Canisius Facilities Department are approved for use. All others must be removed.

If you have any questions, contact Joe Roetter, safety director, at Ext. 2338.

Submitted by: Joe Roetter, safety director