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Rowing1Pictured left to right: Jimmy Croglio ’17, Justin Fague ’19, Thomas Chameli ’20,
Nick “Moose” Senchak ’19, Antonio Guzman ’19, Geoff Hobika ’17

The Canisius College club men’s rowing team set out this week to hit a milestone that many other teams across the country would be afraid to try.  While the rest of campus enjoyed time off in celebration of President’s Day, the team doubled its practices in a quest to row one million meters before the end of the week.

The team accomplished this on indoor rowing machines commonly referred to as “ergs.”  The team will row between 4,000 – 15,000 meters in a typical practice. As a comparison, the distance would be like traveling to Nashville, TN or Columbia, SC by a human-powered boat.

“At first it was fun pushing ourselves beyond what we thought was possible,” said Nick Senchak ’19, “but by the end I just wanted to chop my legs off.” Even coxswain Jimmy Croglio ’17 got into the spirit as he helped pull over 100,000 meters to help out his teammates.  Lots of hours and hard work went into this week but it was all worth it to the team as they hit their goal on Saturday morning.

However, the real challenge begins for the Griff rowers as they begin water practices and their spring racing schedule.

Submitted by: Sean O’Hara, men’s head rowing coach, athletics