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Charles Wigley, PhD, JD, professor of communication studies, delivered a guest lecture on “Cybernetics and the Principle of Requisite Variety” at California State University (CSU), Long Beach, on January 3.  The lecture was part of the course Communication Conflict Resolution, taught by Lynda L. McCroskey, PhD, associate professor of communication studies at CSU Long Beach.

One student responded, “My favorite take away from your lecture was when you said that by being uncertain we are able to become more complex human beings.” Another student responded, “After your lecture I pondered on my own behaviors, the teasing I sometimes do with my sister. I decided not to tease anymore because after we talked about it in class, I agree that it is unkind and it is an aggressive behavior.”

Submitted by: Charles J. Wigley III, PhD, JD, professor, communication studies