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As we enter the holiday season and with the lake being warmer than normal, the college needs to be prepared for the possibility of winter weather altering the college’s normal operation. There are four options for changes in normal operations due to weather:

  1. Cancellation of all classes; staff expected to report
  2. Closing the college; only essential operating personnel should report
  3. Delay of opening (essential operating personnel should report at normal time, other personnel should report once the college is open; the time of opening will be provided with the notification)
  4. Early closing of the college

If there will be a change to normal operation, early morning decisions will be communicated by 6:00 a.m. and decisions about evening classes (classes beginning after 4:00 p.m.) will be communicated by 2:45 p.m.

Information about class cancellation, college closure or college delay will be available by the following means:

  • The Canisius Alert System
  • The Canisius web site
  • The Canisius portal login page
  • The school closing information line (888-3131) and class cancellation line (888-3130).
  • TV stations (WGRZ-TV, Channel 2; WIVB-TV, Channel 4; WKBW-TV, Channel 7; Time Warner Cable-YNN)

For more information about school closing, delay of opening and all class cancellations, please log onto the MyCanisius Portal at In the “Need to Know” section there is an announcement about the procedures and plans for the impact of weather on normal college activities. If you expand that announcement, you can find the link to the document detailing when and how decisions will be made and communicated.

Submitted by: Brianna Fasanello, human resources assistant, Human Resources