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Planning to present from your own laptop for the first time during an upcoming class or meeting? Bringing an outside presenter on campus who needs to use his/her own laptop?

It’s highly recommended that you identify the laptop’s video output well in advance of the class or meeting. Knowing the type of video output available on the laptop helps to determine if you need an adapter in order to connect it for display, which in turn makes the presentation setup go more smoothly by eliminating any last minute rush to track down the necessary adapter.

To help with this process, the Media Center has put together the following infographic:

Adapters are available for sign-out from both the Bouwhuis Library and the Media Center. Additionally, the Office of Event Services can provide adapters for an event if the proper adapter is specified in advance.

More information is available online at

Please contact Bob Grabowski at Ext. 3278 if you have any questions.

Submitted by: Bob Grabowski, Instructional Support Specialist, Media Center