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lbtc-library-ebooksAccess to an abundance of scholarly and reference e-books is great news for students and faculty.  The Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library has access to more than 90,000 e-books with new titles being added every week.  Books can be found on a wide variety of subjects, from animals to music and religion to psychology.

The e-book collections provide current information that is available to the Canisius community anytime and anywhere they need it.  Many titles can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.   Many contain other materials, such as videos and all of the e-books have a search within text feature.   Now, student learning and research can take place whenever it is convenient to the student, not just when class is in session or the library is open.

The e-books are easy to find – just search the library catalog for your topic and select the limits for book/e-book and full text online.

The library periodically assesses the use of the e-book collection and bases new purchases on the e-book use.  Last year, more 16,000 e-books were accessed by Canisius College patrons. Here is a list of the top 10 accessed titles from 2015:

  • Grove Music Online
  • 21st Century Anthropology: A Reference Handbook
  • Gale Business Insights: Company Overviews
  • Encyclopedia of Anthropology
  • Oxford English Dictionary
  • Encyclopedia of World Biography 2nd ed.
  • Introduction to Confucianism
  • Hidden Religion : The Greatest Mysteries and Symbols of the World’s Religious Beliefs
  • Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy : Foundations and Guidelines for Animal-Assisted Interventions
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia 2nd ed.

Have questions regarding electronic resources? Ask your friendly librarians!

Submitted by: Sara Morris, associate vice president, Academic Affairs