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ssThe Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation Department (ABEC) will welcome Kahindi Lekalhaile to campus on Thursday, October 20, 2016.  Lekalhaile is from the Africa Network for Animal Welfare.  His lecture, entitled “Animal Welfare and the Environment in Africa: The 21st Century and Beyond,” will take place from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the Student Center, Regis Room.  The event is free and open to the campus community.

Lekalhaile’s job experience in nature conservation spans 25 years.  He helped establish the Samburu Elephant Research Centre under the Save the Elephants charity.  Lekalhaile also implemented the United Nation’s Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) program in Kenya.

A renowned crusader against illegal global trade of wildlife and wildlife products, Lekalhaile is an Earthwatch Fellow in Madagascar and the recipient of the 2006 Disney Conservation Hero Award.

Submitted by: Miranda K. Workman, clinical assistant professor, Animal Behavior, Ecology and Conservation