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fs-stewartThe National Science Foundation awarded Canisius College a $1,000,000 grant over five years to support “Canisius Science Scholars: Providing an Integrated Academic and Social Support Scaffolding in the Biological Sciences.” Andrew Stewart, PhD, assistant professor of biology, is the principal investigator (PI) on the grant.

The grant will provide support for the development of a science scholars learning community and includes more than $700,000 of scholarship money for students in biology, environmental science and animal behavior, ecology, and conservation. There is also substantial funding for a number of activities to build both academic and social supports for these students.

Sara Morris, PhD, associate vice president for academic affairs, Sue Margulis, PhD, chair and associate professor of ABEC and biology, and Jon O’Brien, PhD, assistant professor of biology and environmental science, are serving as co-PIs on the grant and will participate in various learning-community activities.

Kristin Finn, PhD, professor of adolescence education and Jim Donnelly, PhD, associate professor of counseling and human services, will evaluate the project to determine high impact activities for possible long-term inclusion in the college.

Stewart adds that he is very excited about the opportunities this grant will provide the Canisius students. Special thanks to the IMPACT Center, especially Chris Lopata, PsyD, professor of teacher education and to Mary Ann Langlois, director of sponsored programs, for the support they provided during the grant writing process.

Information about the new scholarship opportunities will be available in the near future.

Submitted by: Sara Morris, PhD, associate vice president, academic affairs