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fs-waldauDirecting Canisius’ Anthrozoology Master of Science program opened up many scholarship opportunities for Professor Paul Waldau, PhD. The interdisciplinary scope of the program and the chance to work so closely with his talented Canisius colleagues have prompted Professor Waldau’s work in the last half-decade to move beyond developing individual fields (originally, animals and religion and later, animal law) to deepening the interdisciplinary features of the anthrozoology field.

Waldau’s two most recent books Animal Rights, What Everyone Needs to Know and Animal Studies, An Introduction demonstrate his interdisciplinary approach to human-animal interactions.  His approach and expertise are recognized internationally. This semester, Waldau spoke at the University of Denver, Detroit’s Madonna University, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Harvard’s Divinity and Law School, and at a conference convened by Yale’s School of Forestry, Divinity School and School of Law. Waldau found it very gratifying to further his dialogue with the Canisius faculty, including at a recent College of  Arts and Sciences colloquium.

Waldau observed that Canisius provides a surpassingly supportive environment for his scholarship.

Submitted by: Sara Morris, PhD, associate vice president, academic affairs