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img_662241As dean of the School of Education and Human Services, Jeffrey Lindauer, PhD, recognizes the transformative role of real-world learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Knowing the need for additional funding to maintain these learning experiences, Dr. Lindauer made his first gift to the Canisius Fund in 2010.

He chooses to designate his annual support to the School of Education and Human Services and to the Canisius Fund to help provide additional opportunities for current and future students.

What do you enjoy most about your current position?
It’s cliché but what I enjoy most about serving as dean for the School of Education and Human Services is the people by whom I’m surrounded.  The members of our internal Canisius community are filled with talent, passion and commitment. Collectively, we all come together to provide transformative experiences for our students, and I am honored and proud to be a part of that.

What motivated you to make your first gift in 2010?
I saw real-world learning opportunities outside of the classroom that could supplement the student experience but that would only be possible with additional financial resources. As a result, I made the decision to support the college philanthropically because I knew my contributions would directly benefit our students, providing them with additional learning opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom that would assist in shaping their academic journeys.

Why is supporting students through the Canisius Fund important to you?
Participating in the Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign is important to me because it is an additional way to demonstrate my commitment to the college and our students. And because of the way the campaign is designed, I’m able to support the area on campus about which I’m most passionate. I am grateful for the opportunity to designate my annual contribution to the School of Education and Human Services because I know it directly benefits the students within the school.

What is your favorite campus event to attend each year?
Commencement!  It is so rewarding to see young men and women cross the stage, knowing that the collective work of the Canisius community provided them with transformative experiences – a distinctive and distinguished academic foundation – positioning them for success.

I also enjoy the Celebration of Service and Service Recognition ceremonies because they provide an opportunity for faculty, staff and administrators to come together to honor and celebrate service milestones of our colleagues.  I believe it showcases the college’s pride in the commitment of faculty and staff, and I enjoy being able to witness the celebrations each year.

Fun Fact: What is something the Canisius community would be surprised to know about you?
Originally, my professional goal was to be a college football coach. I discovered while working as a graduate assistant for the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse that coaching was, in fact, not what I wanted to do. This realization is ultimately what led me to the academic side of higher education.

Submitted by: Summer Handzlik, assistant director, Canisius Fund