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20160429_120340The 1,500-pound bronze statue of the Golden Griffin is enroute to Canisius, scheduled to arrive on campus tomorrow Wednesday, May 4. The college’s majestic mascot will trek more than 1,200 miles from its creator in Norma, OK, to its final nesting place at 2001 Main Street. The half-eagle-half-lion departed for Buffalo over the weekend, and rested in Indiana Sunday night and in Ohio last night.

Once he arrives at Canisius, the six-foot tall, eight-foot long legendary creature will be permanently perched outside Science Hall (near the commons area entrance).

A gift from the Undergraduate Student Association, the Golden Griffin symbolizes Canisius pride and will most certainly become etched into the college’s storied tradition.

Learn more about the college’s mythological mascot by reading “The Griffin Speaks.” Written by USA Today’s Erik Brady ’76, the story first appeared in Canisius Magazine (spring 2007) to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Golden Griffin at Canisius.

Submitted by: Public Relations