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The Western New York Prosperity Fellowship is proud to announce 12 new fellowship recipients and seven returning Fellows for the 2016-2017 year.

The Canisius College Western New York (WNY) Prosperity Fellowship Program is an innovative program for students in their junior or senior years or graduate studies who show entrepreneurial drive and want to make a difference in Western New York. It combines fellowship assistance with credit-bearing internships, and skill and networking building to provide students with academic and practical experiences in their intended professions. Students receive significant financial assistance based on need, so they can fully focus on making the most of their internships, educational experiences, and networking and skill building opportunities. In return, students commit to working and giving back economically to Western New York for at least two years within a 10-year period upon graduation.

The Prosperity Fellowship Program is made possible by support from the Prentice Family Foundation, established in 2007 by Bryant and Joan Prentice.

This year, the Fellows will take part in a weeklong orientation process to prepare them for the year ahead.  By combining business etiquette training workshops, community service, tours of local companies, and activities with their counterparts at the University at Buffalo, the students will be fully immersed in the Prosperity Fellowship program as well as the Western New York.

The following students were awarded fellowships:

Kate Anticoli, Latrel Citizen, Lauren Courtade, Haley Edwards, Erik Ferguson, Brannon Jones, Greg Kopra, Lee Locklear, Marc Mallare, Katherine McCarley, Jack McGuire , James Moscato, Caitlin Orgek, Sarah Owen, Amber Quinney, Connor Rosenecker, Daphne Sietz, Jeffrey Spencer, Chen Zhang

Submitted by: Emma Pastori, management graduate assistant