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sfc-phete-majors-during-western-zone-conference-spotlightThe Department of Kinesiology’s Physical and Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE) program hosted the spring Western Zone Conference for the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (NYSAHPERD) for the sixth consecutive year in March. This is a professional development opportunity for local educators and professionals in physical and health education, recreation and dance.  With approximately 100 participants each year, in addition to guest speakers and presenters, the conference provides PHETE majors a chance to meet and network with area experts.

sfc-phete-majors-during-western-zone-conference-extraAll faculty and PHETE majors attend and collaborate on the organization of this event.  Students enrolled in PED 371/PEG 571 – Assessment in Physical Education are asked to submit a proposal and present at the conference.  This year’s student conference presentations included Incorporating Common Core in an Elementary Basketball Unit and Games and Activities with an Omnikin Ball. A PHETE faculty member also delivered a session entitled Somewhere Between Politically Correct and Incorrect.

Students and faculty use the Western Zone Conference as a spring-board for a presentation at the NYSAHPERD state-wide convention in November where this past year, a Canisius College PHETE candidate presented a session entitled New Technologies and Web-Based Resources in Physical Education.

In the spotlight: PHETE majors – Logan Aikins ’17, Travis Denman ’17, Matt Francisco ’17 and John Occhiuto ’17 lead an Omnikin Ball session.

Additional image: PHETE majors – Ryan Carberry ’17, Darian Kinney ’16, Chris Juergens ’17, Mindy Odrobina ’16, and Andrew Romano ’16 lead a common core session

Submitted by: Sara Morris, PhD, associate vice president, academic affairs