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ITL-Justice-Livescribe-spotlightOne of the main focuses of the JUSTICE Project at Canisius College is to prepare teacher candidates and area teachers to utilize assistive technology in the classroom to support students’ learning.  The JUSTICE Project’s iPads, zoom cameras and Livescribe pens, for example, are available on loan for teacher candidates to use in their field placements. The iPads are frequently updated with new apps and our teacher candidates are encouraged to provide us with app recommendations. Zoom cameras allow for video recording of lessons for our teacher candidates’ edTPA certification requirement.

ITL-Justice Livescribe extraThe JUSTICE Project partnered with Buffalo Public School (BPS) teachers, and other area districts and schools, to implement the use of Livescribe pens in the classrooms.  The Livescribe pen offers K-12 students and college students the ability to record audio while taking notes, create Sound Stickers to pre-record tests for students with disabilities, and a myriad of additional features. These BPS teachers are currently conducting action research projects in order to measure the use and effectiveness of Livescribe pens in their diverse classrooms.  The BPS teachers participate in online discussion forums to share their progress and experiences.  At the end of the program, the BPS teachers will present their findings and utilize the pens for future initiatives.

In the spotlight: JUSTICE Project Graduate Assistant, Hanna Morelli MS ’17 presents Web 2.0 and Google Tools at a Buffalo Urban League Young Professional Conference

Extra picture: CEEP Student Lauren Courtade ’16 presents Web 2.0 and Google Tools at a Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals Conference.

Submitted by: Sara Morris, PhD, associate vice president, academic affairs