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IMG_0344Courtney joined Canisius as a full-time employee in February. Currently enrolled in Canisius’ communication and leadership program, Courtney recognizes the countless opportunities that are afforded to students.

Recognizing all that she has received and will continue to gain from being a Golden Griffin, Courtney made her first gift to the Canisius Fund after just a few weeks on the job.

What motivated you to make your first gift?
Currently I am working on my graduate degree through Canisius’ communication and leadership program. This program has given me countless opportunities to grow and develop as a professional, network with other professionals and become an influential leader. Now that I have begun my career at Canisius College, I wanted to jump on the opportunity to give back to the college to ensure others are able to receive the educational experience that I am receiving.

Why is supporting students through the Canisius Fund important to you?
I believe that any student who wishes to receive a college education should be given the opportunity to do so and be able to attend the college they believe will provide them with the most transformative experience. I know that contributing to the Canisius Fund helps make that possible.

What is your favorite campus event to attend each year?
The Homecoming Tent Party by far! I was still an intern last fall in the Office of Alumni Engagement when I attended and it was really fun and rewarding to see all of the hard work come together and everyone having a great time!

Fun Fact: What is something the Canisius community would be surprised to know about you?
I’m obsessed with teacup pigs! My fiancé and I plan on getting one as a pet when we purchase a house this fall. And now that it’s in writing – he can’t back out of it!

Submitted by: Kim Walkow, administrative associate, Canisius Fund