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IMG_8035In his 19 years at Canisius College, Peter Böhm, PhD, has succeeded in building the German program into one of the elite programs at the college. Peter has accomplished this through dedication to teaching and inspiring his students with the love of learning. From 2005 to 2008, he received the Peter Canisius Distinguished Teaching Fellowship, which made it possible for him (and his colleague and dear friend, Dr. Larry Jones in Canisius’ Department of History) to take three groups of students to Holocaust sites in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. In the fall of 2009, after winning a grant from the German government, Peter and his students organized a week-long celebration at Canisius to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. And thanks to Peter’s hard work and dedication, no program at Canisius has been more successful in producing successful applicants for the prestigious Fulbright, DAAD and German Parliament Scholarships than the major program in German. Since 2010 alone, there have been seven such scholarships, total.

Before coming to Canisius College, Peter taught for the University of Maryland’s European Divisions. Prior to that, he had spent 12 years as a German language and culture teacher at U.S. Department of Defense Dependents’ Schools in Germany.

Did you know…During his free time, when he is not reading, Peter is an avid gardener, an excellent cook and a spectacular baker. He loves, what his wife of 40 years, Karen, calls “depressing and dark” art house movies and enjoys listening to classical, jazz and the Beatles’ music.

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