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Beginning today, The Dome will include a new series called Spotlights. For the remainder of this semester, The Dome will contain one article each week that focuses on student learning. These articles will describe ways in which students are learning, methods that different programs use to assess the impacts of student activities and how programs are using the results to improve student learning opportunities across campus, both in academic programs and in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Ideally, these articles will not only allow us to recognize the energy and ingenuity that different groups use to demonstrate and improve student learning, but also to encourage broader understanding of how assessment can be accomplished and to provide more opportunities for conversations about similar activities, challenges or solutions.

Beginning next semester, we will add additional Spotlights series that recognize other successes on campus. Spotlights on Innovation in Teaching and Learning will provide examples of different methods being used to teach students in a variety of areas. Spotlights on Student-Faculty Collaborations will highlight ways in which students and faculty are working as collaborators on projects and share the results of these collaborations. Spotlights on Faculty Scholarship will recognize the academic achievements of members of the Canisius faculty to emphasize the range of scholarly expertise available on campus. Finally, Spotlights on Service will focus on activities that exemplify the Jesuit ideal of men and women with and for others. These Spotlight articles will appear in The Dome and also be used to provide content for the new Canisius website. Anyone interested in contributing to any of these series should contact Sara Morris, associate vice president for academic affairs, at or at 888-2121.

Submitted by: Sara Morris, PhD, associate vice president, academic affairs