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In the coming weeks, printers and copiers across the campus will be upgraded or replaced. New and upgraded models will provide higher speed and volume capabilities to more adequately handle the workload of college offices and departments. Underutilized devices will be consolidated for use by multiple departments.

This initiative supports our continued effort to be more efficient and cost effective in every aspect of the college’s operation. Fewer models and types of printers and copiers will result in ease of use for all faculty, staff and students, and will provide operational efficiencies and significant savings for the college.

This upgrade is the result of a review of our managed printing program conducted to better understand the volume of work processed in each office and department. The review included an analysis of our printer and copier usage across the campus, printing jobs being outsourced and vendor performance. The review also included an analysis of advancements in digital printing, which showed that the functionality available in new machines would increase the efficiency of our printing program.

Below is a list of features available with the new equipment:

PaperCut – This new print management tool allows you to print anywhere on campus. Once sent, these print jobs will be held securely, and not printed until they are released by the sender swiping their employee ID card. This feature allows you to print your documents, including those with confidential information, anywhere on campus at your convenience. In addition, this software provides full mobile printing capability from all iOS and Android devices.

RightFax implementation: A fax server will be installed and integrated with most Xerox Multifunction machines, which will improve fax reliability, fax accountability and options to receive faxes via email or directly in electronic file folders.

Enhanced technology and capability in the Print Shop: ComDoc will place a Xerox Versant 80 in the Print Shop, which will result in tremendous upgrades in speed, color and graphic quality.

ITS is currently testing the functionality, print software and other connectivity issues prior to the new printers being installed on campus. Installation is scheduled to begin in November. Click here to view a list of computer and copier upgrades, replacements and consolidations. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about these upgrades and changes.

Submitted by Marco Benedetti, vice president for business and finance