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Campus Fire Drills

Fire drills will be held on Friday, October 23, 2015 beginning at 10:00 a.m. and ending at approximately 3:00 p.m. The buildings included are:

• Bouwhuis Library
• Churchill Tower
• Old Main
• Bagen Hall
• Horan O’Donnell
• Palisano Pavillion
• Christ the King Chapel
• Loyola Hall
• New Science Hall
• Health Science
• Koessler Athletic Center
• Lyons Hall
• Montante Cultural Center
• Demerly Hall
• 23 Agassiz

Regulations forbid announcing the exact times. When the alarm sounds, please leave the building by the nearest exit as shown on the posted emergency exit routes. Generally, a drill lasts no more than six-or-seven minutes. All persons must leave the building they are in when the alarm sounds. One volunteer may remain in each office or suite to answer phones. Elevators may not be used.

Please note, if you are involved in an event that cannot be interrupted without serious complications, please notify Lt. Rick Miller in the Public Safety Office at Ext. 2330 or, who will discuss an exemption for your event.

Submitted by: Kathy Peter, executive associate, academic affairs

“Chemistry Colors Our World”

Come celebrate National Chemistry Week with Canisius chemistry students on Saturday, October 24!

The Canisius Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society (ACS) will host a spectacular chemistry demonstration show to celebrate this year’s National Chemistry Week theme, “Chemistry Colors Our World.” There will also be a raffle of chemistry-related prizes and liquid nitrogen ice cream. The first 100 children will receive a special gift bag.

The first show will start at 1:00 p.m. and repeat at 2:30 p.m. Each show will last approximately 45 minutes and take place in Horan O’Donnell, Room 107. This event is free and open to the public.

For more information about National Chemistry Week:

Submitted by: Phil Sheridan, PhD, associate professor, chemistry and biochemistry

Academic Computing Advisory Committee to Meet November 4

The Academic Computing Advisory Committee (ACAC) will hold its next meeting Wednesday, November 4 from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the President’s Board Room.

ACAC consists of faculty, the FacTS Center and ITS administrators. Staff from all academic departments and programs are encouraged to participate. Meeting attendees do not need to be ACAC members! Participants discuss campus information technology issues and investigate possibilities for supporting academics with digital tools and web resources.

Charles Wigley, PhD, professor of communication studies, serves as chair of the ACAC. Join us for an enjoyable and productive discussion!

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, academic technology specialist

College Closing and Class Cancelation Policy

As the winter season approaches, I would like to take this opportunity to announce some changes in policies and procedures regarding the closing of the college because of inclement weather.

The severe weather of the past two winters has highlighted some gaps in our closing policies and practices. There are days when the college must be completely closed except for essential operating personnel. There are other days when weather conditions lead to a large number of class cancelations and the most prudent measure is to cancel classes, but otherwise leave the college open for other essential business. There are also days, like we experienced last November, when it is impossible for students and staff living in one area to make it to the college but the city streets are open and people living in other areas can make it.

In making the decisions below, the college will always take into consideration the actual and predicted weather conditions, the state of driving in the region generally, and the ability of our staff to have the college lots and sidewalks clear and passable. We must also take into consideration the impact that canceling classes or closing the college will have on students, remembering that there are a number of classes and laboratories that meet only one day per week. We must also keep in mind that in addition to classes, there is a tremendous amount of business that is conducted by the college on any given day, from processing applications and charitable gifts to moving important projects to a conclusion, so that closing the college comes at a significant cost. There are a significant number of employees who are essential to the college operations who are required to work when the school is closed and if they don’t report must charge their time to accrued time off to be paid.

In announcing this new policy, we also understand that we might make a decision to leave the college open, while a member of the staff may not feel comfortable driving to work. Ultimately, we will leave that decision to the individual employee subject to the policy announced below.

In reviewing the existing policy, we discovered that different versions of this policy exist in different handbooks. We are now consolidating these policies in this single policy.



On such days that hazardous conditions exist in surrounding areas, but do not affect the college, the college will remain open and classes will be in session. Students who are absent on such days will be responsible for making up any work missed. Employees who do not report must notify their supervisors. Full-time employees who do not report may charge such absence to earned vacation, personal leave or family leave time; part-time employees may charge earned vacation or earned paid days (PTD).


On days where it becomes clear that we are likely to have a large number of class cancelations, the college may elect to cancel classes but otherwise leave the college open for business. If our media announcements say “Classes Canceled,” the college offices will remain open and all administrators and staff are expected to report to work. Employees who do not report must notify their supervisors. All full-time employees who do not report may charge such absence to earned vacation, personal leave, or family leave time; part-time employees may charge to earned vacation or earned paid days (PTD).


If our media announcements say that the “College is Closed,” only essential operating personnel are to report. Essential operating personnel include all public safety officers and staff, all facility management administrators and staff, food service and certain other administrators and staff. All full-time (essential and non-essential) personnel who do not work will charge absence to earned vacation, personal leave or family leave time; part-time employees may charge to earned vacation or earned paid days (PTD).


When employees are officially dismissed prior to the end of their normal shift due to weather conditions, they will be paid their regular wages for the day. Employees leaving before the officially designated time of dismissal will not be paid beyond time of departure.


When administrators and staff are on scheduled vacation leave and the college closes due to weather and/or emergency conditions, vacation leave is recorded as scheduled. Administrators and staff do not receive additional time off.

Submitted by: Marco F. Benedetti, vice president, business and finance