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Procurement Policy Reminder

The purpose of the procurement policy and procedures is to ensure consistent purchasing practices across the College while preserving organizational and financial accountability.
This policy applies to anyone spending Canisius College funds, including faculty, administrators, staff and students. With the new fiscal year underway, it is important that the procurement policy is followed. Here is a review of policy highlights:

• A BANNER purchase requisition is required for all purchases of goods and services with a dollar value of $1,000 or greater.

• BANNER requisitions must contain detailed information about the goods or services being ordered:
1. Commodity Description: Enter a brief description of the goods or services to be ordered (30 characters).
2. Item Text: Enter a complete description and details for goods or services on the form.
3. Document Text: Enter instructions to the vendor and the controller’s office on the form.

• A BANNER purchase requisition must be approved at the appropriate level in the approval ierarchy and a purchase order created before an order may be given to a vendor or service provider.

• Creating a “confirmed & received” purchase order after an order is actually placed with a vendor or service provider is not allowed.

• BANNER direct pay documents (also known as a “check request”) is discontinued as means for purchasing goods and services.

• Multi-year commitments and contracts with vendors and service providers require a purchase order and must be approved by the vice president for finance, regardless of the dollar amount. Only the vice president for finance may sign such commitment documents and contracts.

• For more information about procurement policy and procedures, visit MyCanisius/College Policies/General Policies.

Travel Authorization:

• Travel related expenditures are governed by the travel policy. Any travel undertaken by administrators, faculty and/or students must be approved in advance using a travel authorization request form. Go to MyCanisius/All Applications & Services/Travel Resources/Travel Authorization.

• Purchase requisitions are not required for travel.

• All travel must be booked through the designated travel agency, The Travel Team.

• Contact Gary Lew at Ext. 2255 or if you have questions about procurement and travel policies and procedures.

Submitted by: Gary Lew, director, purchasing