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Marcus Thomeer, PhD, co-director of the Institute for Autism Research (IAR) at Canisius College and Christin McDonald, PhD, post-doctoral research fellow at the IAR, were guests on Talk of the Town, a 30- minute weekly program on WBBZ-TV in Buffalo.  Drs. Thomeer and McDonald discussed autism awareness and the work of the IAR.

To watch the show in its entirety, click on the links below:

Talk of the Town: Part 1
Talk of the Town: Part 2

The IAR is an interdisciplinary collaborative research center dedicated to understanding autism and related developmental disorders, and enhancing the lives of those affected and their families. IAR researchers are from diverse backgrounds and work together to address critical questions involving causes, development, assessment, clinical treatment and education. This research work has led to the development of several new and effective treatments, which are provided by the IAR staff, our community partners and schools.  To learn more about the IAR click here.

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